Orangeries and Garden Rooms

For those wanting a little more than a conservatory, an orangery or garden room provides the ideal solution.


Originally designed to house and grow exotic fruits and plants orangeries became a symbol of wealth and status. Nowadays they provide a beautiful alternative to the traditional conservatory.

Fast growing in popularity they now seem the preferred option for a modern glazed extension since they are generally more substantial than a conservatory. Orangeries are particularly suitable for listed buildings or properties in conservation areas.

An orangery can be distinguished from a conservatory by the fact that it has a perimeter ceiling into which is set a glazed lantern roof. The outside features a distinctive deep fascia or a parapet wall.

Garden Rooms

These have also grown in popularity in recent times since they provide all the ‘open space’ feeling of a conservatory but with a conventional tiled or slate roof.

Despite the tremendous advances in glass technology in recent years, many people still remain concerned about a glazed roof in predominately south facing locations – so a garden room provides the ideal solution.

Orangeries and garden rooms both provide a very real alternative to a conventional home extension because they combine the large glazed side walls with an energy-efficient roof.